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Art Jewelry Symposium


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Fri, 16 Apr - Sat, 24 Apr, 2021

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About The Event

Take your jewelry making skills to the next level! Have fun and win. Over 40 online workshops with the most amazing artists for free. Amazing artists from several countries. All workshops will be available each day until midnight.

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Workshop Tracks
  • Riveting Techniques
  • Metal Working Techniques
  • Mixed Media and Resin Techniques
  • Beading Techniques
  • Sawing Techniques
  • Handmade Findings Techniques
  • Bead Embroidery Techniques
  • Stringing Techniques
  • Jewelry Clay Techniques
  • Bail Techniques
  • ...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Art Jewelry Symposium?

Art Jewelry Symposium is a yearly online event bringing jewelry artists together to show you the latest techniques in the industry.

During the symposium, you will get to watch artists worldwide and learn with them. US, Canada, Brazil, Europe

You will also be able to interact with them all from the comfort of your home.

How much does it cost?

All workshops will be available each day after the completion of the daily live broadcast that starts at 9am MDT until midnight. We plan to have 4+ workshops each day. It is free for you to watch.

This online event has the potential to reach thousands of aspiring jewelry artists and experienced artists and a lot of interaction.

You will have the option to buy the workshop bundle and that will be split amongst the participating artists.

Win-win-win for everyone.

What is the goal of the Art Jewelry Symposium?

• To inspire people on all things jewelry
• To educate people on different techniques and new trends
• To discuss the industry, products, and changes

We want as many people as possible to know about jewelry-making and its possibilities.

These will be great workshops, talks and experiences that people will get to watch free and interact - (normally these types of events are held behind closed doors)

You can watch all the content - nothing hidden - without paying a penny.

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